Live Webinar

Introduction to the Standards for Excellence Part 1

By Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin and the Urban Economic Development Association

Want your organization to operate like a smooth running engine?  We can help!

    Tuesday May 31 , 2022

    At 09:00 AM CDT

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Learn how to Use the Standards for Excellence as the Lens to Look at Your Operations and Governance

The key to a strong, sustainable nonprofit organization is good people and good programs, of course.  But it is also critical to have an organization that functions well, and a corporate structure that aligns with your mission, vision, values, and culture.  To build that, it is important to know what is in place and what is working well.  

This webinar is the first of two in which NAWi, the technical assistance partner of the Urban Economic Development Association, will introduce the Standards for Excellence as a tool to help nonprofits look at their governance (the board) and operations (the admin staff).

The Standards are a nationally recognized code for nonprofits that has been around for more than 20 years.  Although nonprofits can be accredited in the Standards, this webinar will introduce the 6 guiding principles in the code as a lens through which to look at your nonprofit. 

If you complete both sessions, you will be given a quick self-assessment tool to get a glimpse on how you are doing.  You will also get an hour-long consultation with one of the facilitators to talk through what you learned and what you might want to do next. 

The first session will focus on:

Mission, Strategy, and Evaluation
It all starts with why your organization exists (the mission), how you are going to achieve your goals (strategy), and taking stock of how well you are doing (evaluation)
Leadership:  Board, Staff, and Volunteers

The people in your organization actually are your organization.  How are they doing leading your organization, and delivering on your mission?

Legal Compliance and Ethics

It is hard to be a nonprofit because we have a lot of rules and regulations to live by.  This also makes us good and strong.  Learn why it's the hard that makes it good.


As with all Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin facilitators, the people running this webinar are experienced in the field.  They not only heard about these topics, but have lived them and bring that experience to you.  They (and we) promise that you will not only learn about the topic, but you will get the tools to actually implement what you have learned.

Martha Collins

Co-Founder, Board Director, and Facilitator for NAWI, is a licensed consultant with the Standards for Excellence. Recently she assumed the role as Executive Director of the Neighborhood House of Milwaukee.  She has dedicated her career to working with social justice organizations that focus on building power within marginalized communities. Martha has extensive nonprofit advocacy experience in such areas of addressing food insecurity, protecting work-family friendly policies, promoting an electoral process that is free, fair and accessible for all, and fighting for race and gender-based equity that benefits everyone in the community.

Rob Meiksins

Co-Founder, Board President, and  Facilitator for NAWi.  He is a Licensed Consultant with the Standards for Excellence.  Rob has been involved in the nonprofit sector for a long time as an intern (Circle Repertory Co. in NYC), Program Manager (Capital Rep in Albany, NY), and an Executive Director (Future Milwaukee and the Nonprofit Center in Milwaukee).  He has also served as a board director and as a consultant.  Rob specializes in board development, strategic planning, and organization reviews.  Rob has been a certified instructor for BoardSource, a newswire writer for Nonprofit Quarterly, and has a blog called The Nonprofiteer

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