The Board as Partner

Steps to help the Board help the Organization

If engaged the right way, the Board of Directors can be both a voice of the community and a voice for the community.  Learn some techniques you can apply at your organization to activate your Board as an important part of your team.

Friday, 16 September 2022
09:00 AM CDT

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Here's what we'll discuss

Some say the Board of Directors is an outdated, paternalistic structure that needs to go.  We disagree.  We think the Board can be a very powerful tool and partner, working with your operations team providing leadership, oversight, and support.   This interactive webinar will cover:

Why we have a Board of Directors

Let's look at the history, how boards developed in the nonprofit sector.  They were established to give the community some representation as decisions are made.

How to engage your board

Not every board can or should work the same way.  Don't assume what a board does.  We'll explore ways to build the structure and define the responsibilities to fit your culture, mission, size, etc.

Ways to build a board of equity

Equity and inclusiveness starts at the board level.  We'll share some tools to help the board attract, respect, and retain people from across the community.

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